Gregory Grookett is an expert in the credit counseling field which he has worked in for years. Working very hard for the clients who put their trust in him to get them the best possible results in a quick and efficient manner is very important to him.  Some of his clients see results in as little as thirty days of their credit scores increasing due to a process that he innovated coined the “Score Booster Guarantee”. A process that can make a consumers credit score increase 50 – 150 points in that short time with a written guarantee. This is a very detailed process but his clients love the result and usually after completing his credit restoration process end up going on to refer family, friends and coworkers who may also need an increase in their credit scores for varying reasons.

He also settles collection accounts out for clients and has a track record of getting clients accounts settled for pennies on the dollar saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars. With 100 percent of the work being done by Gregory Grookett the clients are able to continue their daily lives worry free as their credit improves. He also helps his clients obtain new lines of credit through various different lenders and credit card companies. He is also able to help victims of Identity Theft gain back and protect their identities from being ever stolen again.

Outside of work one of the things Gregory likes to do most is get involved with animal welfare. He has been a registered volunteer at the SPCA for many years and has also helped out at various other different rescues throughout Pennsylvania. He has had a love for animals ever since he was a young child and that love just grew more and more as the years went by. Gregory has found homes for many pets that were either neglected or unwanted and finds a great satisfaction in helping these animals that cannot help themselves. Currently he has two rescue pets a cat and dog and loves them dearly. His motto is “don’t shop adopt” as there are many rescues throughout the entire United States that have many loving animals who are looking for their forever home.

His love for animals and passion for the work he does helping consumers is what drives him day after day to make everyday count and even when the times are tuff. At these times he turns it over to God as Gregory knows He will never give him more then he can handle. Always try to do your best and put your heart and soul into everything you do and positive results will follow.